Using the latest fashion-quality digital sublimation ink, our printer performs excellent ink transfer followed by a unique sublimation process that permanently dyes fabrics with your designs. Dye sublimation also allows photo lab quality picture printing.

During the sublimation process, your custom (or personalised fabric designs) are digitally printed in reverse on a heat transfer paper using digital sublimation inks. The heat transfer paper, coupled with a protection paper is then placed onto our high-quality Beat-Heat™  fabric, simultaneously being led through a heated and pressured machine to form a heat press.

The digital sublimation ink goes from a solid state to a gaseous state without becoming liquid in between and flow into the fabric, permanently dyeing the fabric threads. This creates a gentle gradation of colour, making the quality of our clothing line long-lasting.

The fabric is then fine tailored into the unique garment or team jersey of your choice. The tailoring is one of the most critical aspect in our production process and this is where we lead.

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